Film Academy

We systematically guide and teach filmmaking theoretical & practical processes in a time bound program and award Diploma in the area one takes up the studies. Area of specializations are as under:

Screenplay Writing – 6 months Diploma
Acting – 3 months Certificate and 6 months Diploma
Cinematography – 6 months Diploma
Sound Recording & Engineering – 3 months Certificate
Editing– 6 months Diploma
Direction – 6 months Diploma
Marketing & Finance – 3 months Certificate
Total Film making courses comprising of all above branches – 1 year

Placement assistance in film and serial making companies / production houses will be assisted on completion of training.

If you are interested in films / movie please register yourself by sending personal details, phone and email ID on Co’s email or phoning on numbers given on our “contact us” page.


We are well equipped with hi-end machines to deliver the projects timely and more efficiently

100 High-end Graphics workstations having I7 and XEON 6 core multiprocessor with 64 GB RAM
6 XEON Servers having 12 core processor
16 nodes render farms
96 TB Central Storage
Editing Suite 2 FCPs
Mac Pro XEON 6 core - 3 nos.
24x7 Power back up facility
Light Box Storage 144 TB SAN


Equipments Used for Live Shoot for Full HD Shoot (1920x1080)

Camera 5D Mark II with lenses EF 50 MM, EF 24-70 MM, EF 72-100 MM & EF 70-200 MM
Go Pro Hero 3 Black Edition
Zoom Recorder for sound, Mic
LED battery operated lights


Red Dragon Camera and Lenses ultra-prime set up and optima Zoom and Alura zoom Lens
HR Zoom and filters ND3 ND 6 ND9
Pola filters and Arri Alexa Camera and Arri mini Alexa Camera and Arri XT Camera
Camera and monitors and Camera big Stand esmul stand stulus and Camera all accessories
Epic Camera
HR Zoom
11-16 Lens
Gopro - 4K
Ultra prime 16 to 135 mm lenses set up


6 Lapel Mike
Zoom Recorder & Mixer
2 Speaker & Amplifier
Nagara 4.2
All Accessories
Walky Talky